Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzard 2010 Continued

Here are a couple shots from around my home town, it's crazy out there!

Blizzard 2010

With this blizzard wreaking havoc on the north east I settled in next to the fire and got to knitting. Within a few hours I whipped up new hats for my mom, my dad and myself, belated bonus Christmas gifts if you will.




All Three

Me and my new hat, love the giant pompom!

So hopefully this weather will clear so I can get back to NYC. I have big NYE plans and need to create something show-stopping to wear!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Boston Revisited

My photo from Beyond Boston Chic made it into The Cut Blog for NY Magazine online.

Congrats to the lovely Martini on her blog mention in The Week in Street Style!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Because I Was Cold

...and bored, I went ahead and made myself a cape to layer on top of a jacket I often wear for extra warmth. I pulled out some thermal quilted sateen I had in my fabric trunk, draped right onto my form, eyed and cut a doubled collar then added a woven rope toggle for closure. To achieve the shape there are no side or back seams, simply shoulder darts. All edges are finished with clean rolled hems. Not only does it supply extra warmth for these cold NYC days but adds that extra jaunty flare I so often go for!

Not to shabby for a quick idea and a little over an hour's time, what do you think?

Friday, December 17, 2010


On a quick visit home with two of my absolute favs, John and Marlon, I got style blogged while strolling Newbury St. by a lovely lady named Martini. Check out her work here.

A "Say Something" Hat

With Ginny's triumphant albeit short return to New York City came a dinner with friends and the need for a look worthy of such an occasion. I decided on a Louis Vuitton bridal button shirt, vintage Gianni Versace trousers and crowned the whole look with a hat I made special for this very event.

I started with bright yellow feathers sold in packs of 4 on sale for $1.15 each at my local craft store. To jazz them up a little I gave them a gradient splatter effect using watered down black acrylic paint purchased for $3.

Once I completed all 16 feathers I let them dry and began sculpting the base from 2 packs of black sculpey clay at a whopping $1 a pack. Once molded to the desired form I evenly spaced 16 holes using the end of a round end of a crochet hook. I then heated the oven to the 275 degrees, placed the mold on foil on a baking sheet and let cook for the instructed length of time.

While my mold was hardening in the oven, I decided for just a little more flare, to tip the feathers with gold glitter. Easily achieved but applying Mod Podge with a paint bush, gently laying glue side down in a mound of glitter and tapping off excess.

Once the mold finished baking and had cooled, I one by one placed each feather in it's coordinating hole permanently cemented by a dollop of hot glue. I then measured a length of waistband elastic I had in my supplies and applied it to the base using a generous amount of hot glue. I covered with with black satin and my Say Something Hat was complete.

I'm pretty sure I made a splash.

Fabric Manipulation Experimentation

Say that 10 times fast!

Just messing around with some muslin, coming up with ideas for future projects.

The creative juices are flowing.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Twinkle Toes: Ode to GBS

My best girl, former 2 year roommate and all around wunderkind Ginny Branch Stelling's recent blog post entitled Twinkle Toes proved most inspiring.

She writes...

"tis the season to pull out (or invest in) your glittery-iest, shiniest most drag queen fabulous shoes. i have a few in my arsenal already, but am always looking to expand my collection. sequins and glitter are kind of like black licorice, you either love it or hate it. i'm so on team sparkly. besides even if you wear sensible shoes 24/7, this is the most legit time to embrace a little bit of chintz."

And since sparkly man-shoes are a rare commodity I decided to go ahead and make my own. I went out and found a pair of Florsheim oxfords, bought some glitter in black and gold, pulled out my Modge Podge from the craft drawer and got to work.

I'm in love with the outcome, Thanks Ginny!

P.S. I love and miss you very much. I think of you everyday, I've saved all your notes and keep them right next to my bedroom door in a frame with my favorite picture of you. It makes me happy. Creepy?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mercedes Benz Commercial

Familiar face at the 13 second mark...

Italian Mercedes Benz GLK Commercial

Just another day.


What a blast! I spent the majority of the weekend with my two best friends Brendan and Nick as well as a few others. We had an unreal amount of fun, here are some pictures from the weekend.

Nick, Susan and Brendan as Mario, Princess Peach and Luigi

Mario and Luigi

Me as Cat(wo)Man and yes I made the entire thing.

Thanks boys for such a fun time!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Commission

It's not uncommon this time of year for me to recieve frantic phone calls from friends asking for help with their costumes. A girlfriend of mine needed a Red Riding Hood to complete here Little Red Riding Hood ensemble. A quick trip to the fabric store and just under an hour later... voila, a red cape from scratch complete with oversized hood and lace trim.

I love Halloween!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Labels, Labels, Labels

Abby and I committed a big New Yorker no-no and braved the tourist hell-hole that is Century 21. Abby snagged a super cute polka dot top by Chloe while I picked up a pair of wide leg chambray Vivienne Westwood Red Label trousers. Unfortunately for me no matter how hard I try they just don't work on me. I don't want to resell but I think they're destined for the thrift store.

Today however is another story, I stopped by one of my favorite hidden gems of a thrift store an stumbled upon these... 90's era Gianni Versace high-waisted trousers.

They fit like an absolute dream... I'm now contemplating 90's Miami gaudy Versace for my pre-fall look. Deal with it.


I now have a couple spare minutes on my hands to breathe. So here are a few shots I took during my most crazy Fashion Week to date.

L'Ecclise Lineup at Milk Studios

Monique at Marc by Marc Jacobs during Fashion's Night Out

Me and a Beekman Goat at Henri Bendels during Fashion's Night Out

Candy Cocktail at SCAD's Fashion Night Out at Dylan's Candy Bar

Julian Louie's Presentation at Milk Studios

My Pictures in the new Men and Women of Marc Jacobs Book

Pamela Love Presentation at Milk Studios

After all the craziness I escaped to Fire Island for a little rest and relaxtion.

Right off the ferry I was greeted by family of swans. Don't worry, I told the ugly one he'd be a beauty soon.

I opened an Meat Market... Just Kidding

Had the most amazing time with these two, brothers Brendan and Rory... and yes we did go swimming in the out of control surf! Thanks for the amazing time guys, was the perfect ending to a crazy Fashion Week.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Caved

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A Trip Home

You can take the boy out of New England but you can't take the New England out of the boy.

On a recent trip home I picked up right where I left off living la vida Massachusetts.

Prepared and Apple Pie.

Baked and Apple Pie.

Ate an Apple Pie.

Spent the mornings sunning and drinking daiquiris with my puppies Tallulah and Oggie.

And when it got too hot relocated under the deck umbrella and poured another daiquiri.

My dad and I took a trip to the local 4H fair which once upon a time I was the horse show champion. Who says you can't wear gladiator sandals while touring the animal, agriculture and horticulture houses?

We took the boat and kayaks out. Pulled our two lobster traps, went to P-Town for lunch and saw a few whales on the way back.

Was a great trip home, relaxing and rejuvenating. Oh and I got an Iphone 4, yay!
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