Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crafting Hour

Yesterday my roommate Ginny shared with me her "Knifty Knitter" knitting kit she had stowed away and man oh man did I have some nerdy fun. The kit comes with 4 different sized knitting hoops that offer endless creative possibilities, hats, scarves, bags or even socks to name a few.

Last night I started out easy with just a hat. I picked out some yarn, sat on the couch and a couple hours later I had a new winter hat. It was so easy and so much fun. I can crochet like a pro but for some reason knitting with the needles throws me for a loop, this is an amazingly simple alternative with just as great of an outcome!

Good Buy

Had a great find right around the corner from my apartment in the Lower East Side, a little strip of stores on Orchard between Rivington and Delancey definitely worth a trip!

On my way to work a couple days ago I decided to check out what this little strip I had been eyeing but never actually stopped to browse had within it. At first it is a little overwhelming, the stores seem to spill out into the street and the merchants call out to you to try to entice you into a purchase.

The shoe stores are hit and miss, I'll pass on the pastel square toe crocodile wingtips but these little numbers just sang to me. Patent leather toes and lace section with matte leather bodies. They look wonderful with cropped slacks and no-see socks ( I'm kinda sockless while wearing shoes-aphobic). Nothing like a flash of man-ankle, it's so masculine sexy.

They were originally priced at $160 but the salesman just kept reducing the price because I originally wanted an completely patent oxford and at first had no interest in this particular pair. When I reached for the door and he blurted out $50, They were sold! I love them. So far I've been asked if they are from the Chanel Menswear collection or if they are Lanvin, suffice to say I think I did good!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My New Coat

(Swiped from my Old Blog but still new and relevant for this one!)

I've been pondering the idea for a few weeks now to make a some sort of oversized, wrapped winter coat. My sewing equipment still packaged from the move (3 months ago) was out of sight out of mind until I stumbled across a gem here in the Lower East Side, a Fabric Store named Belraf Fabrics right around the corner from my apartment. As I rummaged through all the treasures I found a huge bolt of black quilted fabric in just the right weight. I expected it to have quite a hefty price tag per yard but the salesman offered it to me at $5/yard. A bargain! In the remnant bin I found the most perfect weight wool felt for the trim, bargains all around!! A grand total of $37 and I was on my way home. I dug out all my sewing and design equipment and I was on my way. A few hours later (I think 5) and I had my coat ready for a test drive in the cold NYC winter night. Ankle length, drop shoulders, enlarged sleeves, pockets, silk lining and wool trim make it extra sleepingbag-esque, perfect for the cold. Much to my surprise its actually very cozy, completely impermeable to the wind, and extra warm! Instead of some boring tie closure I use one of my vintage beaded belts to jazz it up alittle, it really adds that perfect little extra something.

Let me know what you think!!


New Year, New Blog.

The launch of my Eponymous Blog has arrived. I'm striving to have more focus, poignant commentary, and less arbitrary fluff. (We'll See)

The topic of the new blog is of-course, all things fashion. Ranging in subjects related to current projects I'm working on, my trend forecasts, NYC street style, inspirational imagery and perhaps even a review or two.

I hope whomever stumbles across my work will enjoy and perhaps leave a question, comment or concern.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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