Friday, December 17, 2010

A "Say Something" Hat

With Ginny's triumphant albeit short return to New York City came a dinner with friends and the need for a look worthy of such an occasion. I decided on a Louis Vuitton bridal button shirt, vintage Gianni Versace trousers and crowned the whole look with a hat I made special for this very event.

I started with bright yellow feathers sold in packs of 4 on sale for $1.15 each at my local craft store. To jazz them up a little I gave them a gradient splatter effect using watered down black acrylic paint purchased for $3.

Once I completed all 16 feathers I let them dry and began sculpting the base from 2 packs of black sculpey clay at a whopping $1 a pack. Once molded to the desired form I evenly spaced 16 holes using the end of a round end of a crochet hook. I then heated the oven to the 275 degrees, placed the mold on foil on a baking sheet and let cook for the instructed length of time.

While my mold was hardening in the oven, I decided for just a little more flare, to tip the feathers with gold glitter. Easily achieved but applying Mod Podge with a paint bush, gently laying glue side down in a mound of glitter and tapping off excess.

Once the mold finished baking and had cooled, I one by one placed each feather in it's coordinating hole permanently cemented by a dollop of hot glue. I then measured a length of waistband elastic I had in my supplies and applied it to the base using a generous amount of hot glue. I covered with with black satin and my Say Something Hat was complete.

I'm pretty sure I made a splash.

1 comment:

Lauren Scheuer said...

Your say-something hat! My chickens would approve!

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