Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabric Manipulation Experimentation

Say that 10 times fast!

Just messing around with some muslin, coming up with ideas for future projects.

The creative juices are flowing.


kiragp said...

Hi. I need to use some fabric manipulations in my HSC Textiles Body of Work and I was wondering if you could post a 'How To' for the second photograph. If you could it would be so helpful.
Thanks :)

Peter Hale Cooney III said...

Hey KiraGP,

I taught myself both of these techniques from the book "The Art of Manipulating Fabric" by Colette Wolff. I purchased the book off amazon as a package deal with another book named "Couture Sewing Techniques". If you don't have enough time to order them before your project shoot me and email ( and ill send you some pics of the how-to!


Anonymous said...

I have found the book :)
Thanks for all your help and good luck with future projects!

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