Saturday, April 24, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

A little number I whipped up for the SCAD √Čtoile Awards here in NYC. Made from pin-tucked silk chiffon with patent camellia flower and 5 black mink tails closure.

The only big bad wolf I came across that night was in the form of that last gin and tonic I had.... woof.

Art from Accident

Legend has it that, that during one of the rowdy nights down on Anna Maria Island, someone (the jury is still out) may or may not have fallen asleep with a big glass of merlot (never drink merlot!) in his or her hand.

A quick coat of paint, a couple loads of laundry and a few million apologies later the laughs were back on!

Ever the creative, the marvelous Karen Hasler immortalized this Anna Maria Incident in a mixed media collage with the signature saying of the trip.

Wine truly flies when you're having fun! Thank you so much Hasler family and again... sorry!

Monday, April 12, 2010

One More

An action shot just for fun.

Thanks Max for the photo and thank you again Ginny for the invite!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Urban Garden Update

Spring Has Sprung!

Pink Planter: Strawberries

Top Terra-cotta Pot: Carrots

Bottom Terra-cotta Pot: Mesclun Mix

Green Planter Top to Bottom: Lavender, Basil, Rosemary and Sage

With more seeds sprouting everyday I'm gonna need to move this production to the roof!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Body of Work

Some old, some new, I decided to photograph a selection of my work to share with the world. Questions, comments, and constructive critiques are greatly appreciated.

See below posts.


Note: They're photographed on my female form (named Barbara after my late maternal grandmother) to be added to my womenswear portfolio, even though they were all made on my male form (named Frank after my late maternal grandfather) to fit me. Androgyny at it's finest.
My most recent creation for the Margiela fragrance release party. A tribute to the Margiela employee robes, with my own twist of course. Made of silk chiffon, pleated silk trim and snap tape.
Made for my last Marc Jacobs Collection Show. 100% Leather, this was a fun one!

Sleeve detail.

Design Development
Vest Made for New Years Eve Party. Applique made from multi sized gathered circle cutouts in tulle, organza and satin.

Right before heading out.
Sequin Cape. Made for my dear friend Joey Kuhn's Super Sweet 25th Birthday party. Oh and it was Glitter themed, as in Mariah Carey's movie Glitter. Hence the sequins, all 10 yards of it, 5 full circles!

This photo about sums it up!
Modified Shadbelly Riding Coat. Made for my 3rd Marc Jacobs Collection fashion show. Constructed of moire, silk faille and silk satin. Ever the equestrian.

Photos from the after-party.

Band jacket made just for fun. Literally as I was sewing the last button on, news broke of Michael Jackson's passing (Ginny can attest to this). This news took the "just for fun jacket" in a way other direction and coast, Within days it flew from New York to LA to be shot for MYKROMAG at Michael's actual funeral.


Street Shot from Heron Preston's Blog
Drop shoulder duster robe. Made from vintage silk velvet and gilded pearl buttons.

Gilded Button Detail

Made to wear to my 4th Marc Jacobs Collection show. Photo from New York Magazine.
Cape inspired by the Sanderson Sister's wardrobe from the movie Hocus Pocus. Made of silk chiffon and silk cotton blend sateen.

Tuxedo pintucking and modified shawl collar detail.

Made to wear to my second Marc Jacobs Collection Show.

MMM Margiela

Fragrance Release Party at Margiela

Thank you to Ginny Branch Stelling

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anna Maria Island, A Pictorial

In no specific order I present a Pictorial of My Easter Weekend on Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Hosted graciously by the Hasler Family, a tight-knit clan with an amazing sense of humor!



and the One and Only Karen!

Ed, Karen, Abby and Ben, thank you so very much for a long weekend I will remember forever! It was such a treat to get to spend the Easter holiday with you all. Love you tons.
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