Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sveta Bout Performance Gown

Recently I had the pleasure of making a dress for my friend and very talented performer Sveta Bout. She knew she wanted something long sleeve, to the floor and made of black velvet. I whipped up a sketch, she approved and I got to work.
I found some really great drippy stretch black velvet up in the garment district that I thought once finished would give the dress a fabulous sultry feel... it did.
I added a long waist tie which added to the shape of the dress and complimented her figure so well. I'm so please with the outcome, Sveta looked and sounded so beautiful. She gave me a shout out midway through her performance after which I received many nice compliments from other fans.
You all should check her music out, she is a true talent.
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Boot Black

Found a great pair of boots at my fav thrift store here in Brooklyn. Ever the sucker for a cuban heel I couldn't resist the purchase (all $15) but I hated the color.
A few coats of india ink to get a good base stain followed by a few coats of acrylic paint for better coverage and topped off with a couple coats of setting medium and viola.. my new black boots!
Oh, and I may have painted the sole blue... why not!?

A Non-Fashion Update

After what seams like forever (2 years) of growing my hair out I finally cut it all off to donate to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program to be made into a wig for someone living with Cancer.

I did this in honor of my godfather who is battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Rainy Day

Had some vinyl set aside with a project in mind that I finally got around to executing... a raincape... obviously!

Complete with hood, oversized buttons covering snap closures, and concealed arm slits. All trimmed in black grosgrain.

Can't wait to take this baby for a spin on the next rainy day!

And I'm Back...

Hiatus much... no excuses. Haha.

Anyway here's a shirt and matching bowtie I made for a childhood friend of mines wedding this past summer. The fabric was super inexpensive from from my neighborhood fabric store. I hand-stitched the contrasting blue and orange tuxedo ruffles which are made from china silk bias on the bus ride home.

And just for kicks I used contrasting blue and orange buttons in an alternating pattern.

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