Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Trip Home

You can take the boy out of New England but you can't take the New England out of the boy.

On a recent trip home I picked up right where I left off living la vida Massachusetts.

Prepared and Apple Pie.

Baked and Apple Pie.

Ate an Apple Pie.

Spent the mornings sunning and drinking daiquiris with my puppies Tallulah and Oggie.

And when it got too hot relocated under the deck umbrella and poured another daiquiri.

My dad and I took a trip to the local 4H fair which once upon a time I was the horse show champion. Who says you can't wear gladiator sandals while touring the animal, agriculture and horticulture houses?

We took the boat and kayaks out. Pulled our two lobster traps, went to P-Town for lunch and saw a few whales on the way back.

Was a great trip home, relaxing and rejuvenating. Oh and I got an Iphone 4, yay!

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