Friday, August 21, 2009

Recession Chic DIY

Alright, I was sort of jealous of Waylon's swim trunks he commissioned me to make, so I went ahead and made my own pair.

I was feeling crafty as it was the night of Project Runway All Stars which featured my friend Daniel Vosovic (who WON!!!) and I had just bought the September Issue of Vogue.

I trekked down to Chinatown, found a random grocery/stuff store and bought for a astronomical $2, a new woven shopping/laundry bag.

It's so fast and easy, I started by seam-ripping the bag...

in order to get the bag in its original flat pieces to plan how to lay and cut the pattern pieces.

Once desired positioning is established, cut, sew and add the elasticated waistband.

and Voila, another pair of recession friendly swim-trunks!

1 comment:

miss kelly said...

I would so love a bikini like that!!!

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