Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 31st 1984

Tomorrow is my 25th Birthday!

Thats a Quarter of a Century!

And I have so much to be thankful for, my family and my friends, without whom I'd be lost.

Tomorrow I'll be spending the first half of my day at work (which I'm excited for, because after all I work with some of my best friends and who better to be with on your special day then them).

Then the second half of my day starts with burritos and margaritas at Maracas followed by who knows what sort of birthday fun!

I've got my Holga locked and loaded to capture all that will ensue! I've packed all my gadgets and gizmos that go with it as well as all sorts of fun film types to play with to get a variety of images!

I'm really excited!


And speaking of excited here are some sneak peaks of a little number I'm working on for a fabulous roofdeck party next week!

The fabrics courtesy of my old neighborhood standby Belraf Fabrics
Silk Jersey in Nude (with a tan) and White, Off-White Tulle and Cream Silk Chiffon

LIttle Hints of the Garment so far..

I can't wait to get this puppy into a breeze!!! DRAMA...FASHION!!!!

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