Friday, May 27, 2011

Princess Beatrice's Hat... Sort Of

Let it be known, I feel Princess Beatrice's choice of headwear to the Royal Wedding was brilliant. The piece itself is genius, she was quite stunning head to toe. This is my tribute to her and her fearless approach towards fashion.

With just a day to go before my very best friend Brendan's birthday, I found myself without a look worthy of such an occasion. Princess Beatrice's hat was fresh on my mind, and as I am a sucker for a good head-piece, I decided to go for it. Being extremely busy at work I had my fabulous roommate Abby run out and gather supplies for my Royal Fascinator via text.

Later that night when I arrived home I got right to work. The entire piece is carved from styrofoam and is covered in nude felt which is hand-stitched together.

Once the base was completed I added the bow and tacked down the ruffles for desired effect.

The base again is hand-carved styrofoam from the original circle cutouts. Once the oval was mounted to the base I added an elastic and was ready to go.

Long story, short... I made quite the splash. I'm also thinking of putting it up on ebay, will decide in the next day or 2. Until then, a couple more pics:

1 comment:

Lauren Scheuer said...

Peter, AWESOME hat! Please wear it -- wear it often !
(btw... my daughter asked me why Beatrice was wearing a toilet seat on her head..)

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