Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Chicken

As many of you know my one regret in a life of city living is the inability to get my farm fix. More so then ever I have a fantasy of keeping a small flock of chickens on the roof of my building but alas I've come to the conclusion that it's just not rational. This did however lead to hours of research into what type of chickens I'd like to keep if given the chance. Many of you when you hear "chicken" may only picture the average brown or white bird but believe me the range in much wider is size, color, feather patterns and other variables.

I've really fallen for the Polish variety which have fantastic bouffant hair-do's and come in a fabulous variety of colors and patterns.

So what now to do with all this energy and research... design a collection.

Still have to draw out the flats but you can see the progress thus far. I'll probably add more looks too, lately I've been sketching away...

1 comment:

Lauren Scheuer said...

Totally love your chicken-chic! What inspiration!
And, Peter... you've got to look into rooftop chickenkeeping. You won't be the first. I'm-a-gonna google it right now!

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