Saturday, April 4, 2009

Personal Icon

I've always had very strong female influences in my life. Starting of course with my mother, then my aunts and then the matriarchs of family friends and so on. One woman however has left a lasting impact on my life and my admiration for her is unmeasurable.

Meet Enika. She was my coach, is my friend, and my mentor. Enika and Her husband Joe run a very successful Equine Enterprise back in Massachusetts which they built together. I met Enika many years ago when I decided I wanted to further my riding ability and from the first lesson I never looked back.

From a designer's standpoint she has every quality I find appealing in a woman, strength, beauty, courage and a great sense of humor. She is so inspiring to me and will no doubt serve as a muse for a future collection.

I could go on for hours and hours, but I wont. I just wanted to share my admiration for one of the most important people in my life.

Enika, you are everything and then some! You are one of my Personal Icon's.

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