Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Idea, Bad Outcome

After my last apartment I will never paint walls again until I own. Enough said. That being said I was researching easy ways to dress up plain old white walls, aside from the obvious of hanging pictures. I came across a few projects using contact paper to decorate your walls... inexpensive, mess free, fool proof... or so they make it seem. Don't get me wrong I've always been crafty, artistic and always driven to be and do the best, ask my friends they'll all tell you!

Anyway I chose an image of 3 deer heads I found online and using photoshop converted them into silhouettes. At my local dollar store (this may be where I went wrong) I found a dark woodgrain print that matched my new floors that I love and decided it was perfect.

I then blew the images up to the desired size and printed them out.

I then cut and pieced them together to trace onto the contact paper.

I was so excited to see how they were going to look I traced, cut out and hung the first of the 3 deer heads.

I was a little nervous as I applied the first deer noticing my contact paper really wasn't as sticky as one would think, we're talking less stick then a post-it. You see the best thing about this project is the pieces can be easily applied and removed without messing up the paint job on your wall. Well not 2 minutes after I get it perfectly mounted I notice the edges beginning to come loose. I left the room to grab my roommate Abby to show her and when we came back one of the antlers was already hanging down. A sad, sad sight to behold.

Final Thoughts: Perhaps, as stated above, I should have invested in a finer quality contact paper and not settled for the dollar store brand that most probably has been sitting there since 1981 when contact paper usage was at it's peak.

Will I retry this project you ask, maybe someday, I'm not a fan of disappointment (again ask my friends, they'll tell you), I think someday down the road I may revisit this idea, but until then, I will no longer skimp on my contact paper needs.


John G said...

what about adding spray adhesive to the back? My old roomate did that to get fabric to stick ot the walls. Or strarch!

Peter Hale Cooney III said...

yeah a good idea, but completely defeats the easy takedown with no damage to wall portion of the project. pout!

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